It is time to change.

TimeChangers changes the rules of the game and goes beyond the concept of time, as a mechanical succession of events, and aims to a life lived with authenticity, profound expression of creativity and passions of every man.

Unique watches such as the talent enclosed in every man, which are in harmony with the personality of the wearer.

TimeChangers reinterprets the past, with the awareness of the present time to create the future.

The three protagonists.

The history of the company, born in 2014 in Bergamo, is that of three men, artists, craftsmen and pragmatic dreamers who have decided to transform their dreams into projects and realize unique and authentic creations that reflect their deep passions.

United by love for art, mechanics and watchmaking, Roberto Janniello, Fausto Lancini and Romano Alberti have begun a journey of research and experimentation to give the form of prototypes to their original drawings, that till that moment were closed in a drawer.

Robert Janniello

Fausto Lancini

Romano Alberti

Works of art, sculptures to wear to convey beauty in the present moment.
Every watch has a story to tell.

Ancient art of Italian horology.

TimeChangers watches are the result of the ancient art of Italian horology and the fruit of years of research, study and observation.

Every watch is the perfect synthesis of craftsmanship and innovation, is the harmonious union between the ancient arts and the most modern technologies for melting together past and future.

In order to be able to take care of every detail at the best, TimeChangers chooses to realize his most exclusive collections in limited edition numbered, thus giving value to the uniqueness of each creation as to every person that wears it.

Corporate Values


We pursue growth and change, to go beyond the status quo.

We dismantle the works of art in their distinctive elements, unique and essential, to give life to new forms.

We combine art and technology and give shape to the future.

Love & Passion

We live and work with love and passion, this is our way to make the difference and create unique works.

It is the deep love for what we do that push us to design and realize every detail with excellence.


We are adventurous, curious, free. We like to explore new regions of the mind in order to experiment new forms and solutions, to gift emotions and create watches rich in personality.


Our strength is the art of “knowing how to do” that has made great Italy and encloses years of experimentation. The craftsmanship that is the fruit of the passion, dedication and constant learning motivated by love for the beauty, harmony and art.


We want to be the true and full expression of ourselves and give value to the uniqueness of every person that wears our creations.


Give life to the creative genius of every man.


Create unique watches.

The Collections

The collections of the company are two:

Both are collections with a very strong and distinctive personality which recall worlds and cultures deeply different, but share a profound research for excellence in work, in discipline and performance.

Excellence and creativity are the fil rouge of TimeChangers and constitute the starting point for many new projects that we have already imagined.


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