Fausto Lancini

Fausto Lancini: the futurist artisan

The design of Fausto Lancini is futurism in action. This is a brand watch apart, because Fausto Lancini creates directly with his hands his outstanding prototypes, according to his personal estrous of the moment, without considering any technical constrains or the current esthetic models. He simply likes to create and wear his large watches, going around his town to see what are the reactions of people who note immediately something out of standard on his wrist. When asked about that clock, he responds well pleased that it is a unique creation for himself. Although sometimes agrees to consider the pressures of his friends to make possible the production of limited series. This is the case with NAKED BIKE, his first sport chronograph dedicated to the wrist of bikers who ride legendary naked motorbikes, with double cradle frame closed into steel tubes.


Romano Alberti: flashes of light from the past

The creations of Romano Alberti are often inspired by ancient cultures. The first example is the O-YOROIwatch, which is a tribute to the Japanese tradition. However, many other intuitions are ready to become reality soon, due to lucid dreams that come to Romano’s mind as flashes of light from the past.