Time Changers

“We live in the present tense, with the aspiration to create a better future inspired by the values of culture and art. Beauty is our Muse. See us as warriors of peace: the action is our hope and passion is our motivation. The courage to explore new regions of the mind is our strength. Pure intuitions take the form of prototypes in the darkness of a small workshop, where the art and wisdom of old artisans have been handed down for generations. To ensure a superb product, and a unique emotion...”

Italian passion

Time Changers is an Italian project born from the great passions of the three founding partners: Romano Alberti, Fausto Lancini and Roberto Janniello. Our passions are love for art, culture, history, traditions and craft excellence.

This is our genetic heritage of Italians, born in the historical centers of ancient villages and artistic cities of Northern Italy.

Grown up where the agricultural civilization is the root of the kingdom of mechanics, metallurgy and engines that is the Po valley.

A youth spent on Lake of Como, where the border with Switzerland remains “ambiguous”, with large openings for the exchange and the smuggling of goods and secrets, included those of Haute Horologerie.

Artistic vocation and craft

We express our creative potential into the forms creation, with which we want to give emotions. We leverage our expertise and personal qualities that are a great capacity for research, design, modelling and high aesthetic sense. With a great team spirit, with which we contaminated all our collaborators and partners.

We feel happy when we work for the creation of a new masterpiece that will be good, beautiful and true at the same time. Our vocation is art and craft at the same time: we want to give concrete form to our original ideas, working with our own hands as possible.

Culture and innovation in respect of tradition

The ancient cultures, philosophies, myths, traditions and the works of genius of humankind are our main source of inspiration in design. The technology and materials are the means for expressing new forms.

Watchmaking is a field that offers us great opportunities in expressing our passions, but poses considerable challenges. It is certainly not easy to bring in a watch the synthesis of the historical research on an aesthetic canon, elaborating it in an original way.

This is the challenge that fascinates us and makes our lives more interesting every day. We then leverage on our strengths and we “raise on the shoulders of giants” regarding mechanical complications, developing our Italian projects by a Swiss Made mechanical heart.

We work with international laboratories that can handle the most sophisticated technological tools made available by current technology. Nevertheless, our creations are made primarily by artisans. Because we want their head, their heart, their passion and their spirit in doing things.

Our prototypes are created in our laboratory. Then become drawings that are processed by workshops and highly specialized technicians, whose work is governed by a rigorous quality process. However, every piece finally comes back in our laboratory, where the wise hand of the craftsman takes care of those details that make the difference and make each piece unique to human sensory experience.

Originality and exclusivity

We go out of the choir, abhor the approval, copying and imitation. We explore new regions of the mind and we simply like to be ourselves. That is why we are and will always be an independent company.

We are happy when we reach the heart of a stranger who is excited for our product because it is sophisticated, elegant and exclusive. Or perhaps because it speaks to his heart and feel the energy that it was infused.

We develop our special projects only in limited and numbered series that offer an additional guarantee of value over time.

All the time you need

Our philosophy of life is to live in the present tense (mindfulness), that means to be vigilant and careful in whatever we do at the moment we can really operate (here and now).

We dedicate all the time and all attention required to take care of every detail and every customer. Only in this way we can go beyond our limits, grow, interact and convey something beyond the outward appearance.

We want to have a direct relationship with each customer of ours.

Exclusive services

Customers of our collections can always contact us directly, visit us and be our guests in the beautiful scenery of the vineyards of Franciacorta (Italy).

Here we can better know and verify together if our objectives have been achieved, fixing the sensations perceived when our creations will fall on your wrist for the first time.

We are searching for few selected and qualified international partners to distribute our creations in more countries and continents. With the same quality and the same services.

All customers of ours, near and far, can always count on us for the care and maintenance of their timepieces, whose story is accurately recorded in our files (both paper-based and digital), allowing immediate recognition and certification of each piece.